Bedding & Straw

Bedding products suitable for horses and other animals. We stock softwood shavings, conventional straw bales, chopped rape straw, duobed and hemcore. All our bedding products are available for next working day delivery nationwide.Straw Bedding

Barley Straw

Grown here in Lancashire and always available from stock, our Barley Straw is of feed quality. Used for horses, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and many more pet and farm animals.

Softwood Shavings

We stock dust-extracted shavings from Thoroughbred and Bedmax, all manufactured in the UK and to Forestry Commission standards. Shavings are one of our most popular lines, being conveniently baled for storage and able to offer high levels of absorbance.

  • Fleet Farm Chopped Rape Straw

    Fleet Farm™ Chopped Rape Straw

  • Hemp Shiv Shavings

  • Swish Lemon Fresh Rape Straw Bedding

  • Swish Rape Straw Bedding

  • Horse Bedding Thoroughbred

    Thoroughbred Shavings

  • Strohfelder Platinum Original – 100% Wheat Straw Premium Bedding – 400% Moisture

  • Bedmax Shavings

    Bedmax Shavings 20kg

  • Bedmax Littlemax

    Bedmax Littlemax 20kg

  • Barley Straw Bale

    Barley Straw Bale

  • Handy Size Barley Straw Bale

    Fleet Farm Handy Size Barley Straw Bale

  • Handy Size Barley Straw Bale – 16kg, compressed to 90cm x 50cm x 40cm. Boxed.

  • Premium Crushed Wheat Pellet Bedding

    Premium Crushed Wheat Pellet Bedding

  • Rape Straw Pet Bedding

    Fleet Farm™ Rape Straw Pet Bedding