Jack Murphy

In 1950, Jack Murphy launched his first business within the clothing industry. Based in his home country of Ireland, this was a time when all the clothes were designed, cut, stitched, packaged, and delivered from one small local factory.

Jack Murphy

Fleet Farm & Equestrian have a long-standing relationship with Jack Murphy; for over ten years we have been stocking their collections. Their high quality, classic country designs, alongside their practical waterproof garments, makes for a range of products that bring style and sophistication to the outdoor and country clothing market.

  • Jack Murphy Lisa Lightweight Waterproof Jacket | jack murphy lisa lightweight waterproof jacket

    Jack Murphy Lisa Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

  • Jack Murphy Louise Quilted Jacket

    Jack Murphy Louise Quilted Jacket

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  • Jack Murphy Melody Tweed Jacket

    Jack Murphy Melody Tweed Jacket

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  • Jack Murphy Noreen Jacket

    Jack Murphy Noreen Jacket

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  • Jack Murphy Buckley Quilted Jacket.

    Jack Murphy Buckley Quilted Jacket

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  • Jack Murphy Cotswold Coat

    Jack Murphy Cotswold Coat 3/4

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  • Jack Murphy Esme Quilted Gilet

    Jack Murphy Esme Quilted Gilet

  • Jack Murphy Malvern Coat

    Jack Murphy Malvern Ladies Long Waterproof Coat

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  • Jack Murphy Rockall I Jacket

    Jack Murphy Rockall I Jacket

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  • Jack Murphy Maple

    Maple Breathable Waterproof Jacket

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Born in 1922, Jack Murphy was the son of a fish merchant in one of Dublin’s busy markets – Capel St. He grew up in Dublin’s city centre during the 1930’s, which was a time of great change in Ireland.

Jack was only 17 at the outbreak of the Second World War and three years later he joined the RAF in Belfast. He was stationed in Hiroshima, Japan as a radar control officer. Having suffered a knee injury Jack was flown back to Britain in 1945.

Jack married Frances in 1950, they had 5 children and moved to the seaside village of Skerries, Co. Dublin. It was here that he launched his first business in the clothing industry. A small local factory, where he manufactured garments and delivered them around the capital. In those days, the whole process took place in the one factory, clothes were designed, cut, stitched, packaged and delivered.

Years later, he would see his second son Michael join him in the ‘rag trade’. Michael, who already ran a successful fruit and vegetable stall in Skerries town, was keen to learn the ropes in the Irish clothing industry. During his time there, Michael began selling surplus army gear around Ireland with his business partner. While on the road, often enduring four seasons in one day, they recognised a niche in the market for outdoor camping gear.

They then set up a business together which in time came to be known as Jack Murphy Clothing. Jack Murphy Clothing began to flourish in the 1980s selling outdoor clothing and camping gear and it has evolved immensely over the past 35 years. Expanding out from these roots, the well-established town and country clothing brand today produces collections that are still designed in Ireland. The company remains true to its core values as a family business bringing quality, style and sophistication to functional clothing. This ethos is representative of the man who inspired it all; Jack Murphy.

Still, to this day, the managing director of Jack Murphy is his son Michael Murphy. Michael’s daughter Sarah has recently joined the family tradition and is learning the ropes just like her father before her.