We recognise that your pets are more than simply animals; they are part of your family. As a result, we provide a comprehensive choice of pet nutrition and care supplies to guarantee that your furry, feathery, or scaly animals are well cared for.


We offer a selection of quality food brands for dogs and cats, including grain-free alternatives and specialty diets for particular health needs like as sensitive stomachs and joint support. Toys and accessories are also available to keep your pet interested and occupied.

We provide a selection of bird seed mixtures and bird feeders to attract a variety of feathered companions to your yard. We also sell bird homes, bird baths, and other accessories to help you create a pleasant environment for your feathered friends.

Our business also sells reptiles, pigs, lambs, horses, llamas, rodents, rabbits, and ferrets. We sell specialist food and supplements, heating and lighting equipment, and terrariums and cages to help you keep your exotic pets happy and safe.

We provide a comprehensive choice of grooming and hygiene items, like as shampoos, conditioners, and flea and tick treatments, in addition to feed and care products, to keep your pet looking and feeling their best.

We encourage you to browse for pet supplies in-store or purchase online for next-day delivery throughout the UK. Our team is courteous and experienced, and we are always pleased to answer any concerns you have regarding pet care and feeding.

Fleet Equestrian is dedicated to offering the greatest goods and services to keep your dogs happy, healthy, and nourished. We offer everything you need to maintain your pets in top form, whether you're a proud dog owner, cat lover, bird enthusiast, reptile keeper, pig farmer, sheep farmer, horseman, llama lover, rodent lover, rabbit lover, or ferret fancier.