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  • ARMA Gel Saddle Pad

    ARMA Gel Saddle Pad

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    Memory Foam Saddle Pad


Saddle pads are an essential item of equestrian equipment. They cushion and protect the horse's back while also assisting to keep the saddle in place.

There are several varieties of saddle pads available, each designed to meet a certain set of requirements. The most prevalent kinds are as follows:

Cotton or wool saddle pads: These are the most basic saddle pads and are commonly used for everyday riding. They are airy and will absorb perspiration, making them an excellent choice for hot weather.

Memory foam pads are comprised of a kind of foam that moulds to the horse's back and provides a tailored fit. They are ideal for horses who have sensitive backs or are prone to pain.

Gel pads: These pads are packed with gel, which helps to equally transfer the rider's weight across the horse's back. They are especially beneficial for horses that have muscular or joint problems.

Orthopedic pads: These pads are intended to offer additional support to the horse's back and are frequently used by horses suffering from chronic discomfort or injury. They are often comprised of a mix of materials, such as memory foam and gel.

Show pads: These pads are intended for use in the show ring and may include ornamental elements such as embroidery or crystals.

When selecting a saddle pad, keep the horse's specific demands in mind, as well as the sort of riding you'll be performing. A high-quality pad will keep your horse comfortable and happy while also extending the life of your saddle.

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