Ride-on Saddle Cover

Saddle covers are a must-have item for any equestrian, as they give a practical and protected storage option for your saddle. They are intended to shield your saddle from dust, filth, and scratches when it is not in use. They also assist to keep your saddle dry, which can help it last longer.


Fleet Equestrian is pleased to provide a diverse selection of saddle covers from manufacturers such as Shires Equestrian and Bridleway Equestrian. They have a wide supply of several sorts of saddle covers in various fabrics, colours, and styles, assuring that you may get the appropriate one for your needs.

One of Fleet Equestrian's saddle covers' prominent characteristics is the protection they provide for your saddle. They are built of high-quality materials that are meant to withstand constant use. This means they may shield your saddle from dust, filth, and scratches, keeping it in good condition while not in use. They're also waterproof and breathable, so they'll keep your saddle dry and last longer.

Another benefit of Fleet Equestrian saddle coverings is their ease of use. They make transporting your saddle to and from exhibitions, competitions, and trail rides simple. Many saddle coverings have straps or handles that allow them to be carried by hand or over your shoulder. They also frequently contain a secure fastening device, such as a zipper or velcro, to keep your saddle in position and safe during transit.

In addition to their large assortment of saddle coverings and outstanding protection, Fleet Equestrian is dedicated to offering low pricing without sacrificing quality. They recognise the significance of investing in long-lasting and dependable equipment, and they aim to provide the greatest value to their consumers. They also provide next day shipping throughout the UK, ensuring that you receive your new saddle cover swiftly and easily.

Finally, saddle coverings are an essential item of equestrian equipment. They shield your saddle from dust, filth, and scratches, and they make transporting your saddle to and from events and trail rides simple. With a large range of top brands, exceptional protection, and quick delivery, Fleet Equestrian is sure to have something to fit your needs. So, why delay? Visit their website today to discover your ideal saddle cover!