Horse Bits

Horse bits are necessary equipment for each horse and rider. They are used to transmit orders to the horse as well as control the horse’s head and mouth. To guarantee a comfortable and safe ride, it is important to select the appropriate bit for your horse.


Fleet Equestrian has a large selection of horse bits for every level of rider and horse. They carry prominent brands including Shires Equestrian as well as their own Fleet Equestrian branded bits. They provide a large selection of bits for various forms of riding, including dressage, jumping, and endurance.

One of the finest aspects about Fleet Equestrian is their extensive inventory. They carry a large assortment of bits, so you can pick the appropriate bit for your horse. They offer anything from a simple snaffle to a more complicated bit with several reins. They also provide a variety of sizes to accommodate all horses, from the smallest pony to the largest draught horse.

Another outstanding characteristic of Fleet Equestrian is their next-day delivery throughout the United Kingdom. This implies that you may order your horse bit now and have it delivered the following day. This is especially handy for riders who need a new bit right away, or who have a race coming up and need to replace a damaged bit right away.

Finally, if you're searching for a horse bit, Fleet Equestrian should be your first port of call. With a vast selection of bits from well-known manufacturers as well as their own Fleet Equestrian line, you're sure to discover the ideal bit for your horse. And, with next-day delivery available throughout the UK, you won't have to wait long to put your new bit to use.