Rug Accessories

Essential Horse Rug Accessories & Spares

Essential spares for your Horse Rugs, including surcingle clips, rubber rings and grommets, velcro cleaning brushes

  • D Ring | d ring

    D Ring

  • Double Trigger Clip | double trigger clip

    Double Trigger Clip

  • Elastic Leg Straps | elastic leg straps

    Elastic Leg Straps

  • Horse Rug Chest Expander | horse rug chest expander 93s

    Horse Rug Chest Expander

  • Large Trigger Clip | large trigger clip

    Large Trigger Clip

  • Leg Strap Clip

    Leg Strap Clip

  • Rug Strap Buckle | rug strap buckle

    Rug Strap Buckle

  • Spare Leg Straps | spare leg straps

    Spare Leg Straps

  • Spare Surcingle | spare surcingle

    Spare Surcingle

  • Horse Rug Chest Expander

    Horse Rug Chest Expander 93E

  • Shires Rug Storage Bag

    Shires Rug Storage Bag

  • Shires Spare Rug Clip

    Shires Spare Rug Clip

  • Hook and Loop Cleaner

    Hook and Loop Cleaner

  • Surcingle Rubber Ring - FREE P&P

    Surcingle Rubber Ring


Horses are magnificent and strong creatures, but they require adequate care and upkeep to preserve their health and well-being. Horse rug accessories, which provide additional support and protection for horse rugs, are crucial tools for horse owners and carers.

Rug liners are important horse rug accessories because they give extra warmth and insulation for horse rugs. They are often comprised of lightweight, permeable fabrics that may be put to horse rugs to give additional warmth in cold weather. They also come in a variety of weights, giving you alternatives for different climates and seasons.

Rug fasteners are another crucial attachment for horse rugs; they are meant to hold horse rugs securely in place, preventing them from slipping or shifting while the horse is moving. These fasteners are available in a variety of styles, including surcingles, cross surcingles, and elastic straps, allowing for a variety of horse rug styles and designs.

Rug straps are another important item that may be used to keep the rug in place, particularly during transportation or travel. They can be used to protect the rug from moving or slipping off the horse during shipment.

When selecting horse rug accessories for your horse, keep the horse's size and form in mind, as well as the materials used. It's also critical to correctly fit them and inspect them on a regular basis for signs of wear or damage.

Finally, horse rug accessories are necessary tools for horse owners and carers because they provide additional support and protection for horse rugs. Rug liners, rug fasteners, and rug straps are important accessories that may be used to lock horse rugs in place, provide extra warmth, and protect them from slipping or shifting while the horse is moving. Horse owners may safeguard the comfort and safety of their equine friends while also adding a touch of flair to their look by using high-quality horse rug accessories.