Fleece and Travel Rugs

Our range of Fleece, Cooler and Travel Rugs. Fleece Rugs are ideal for milder nights, Travel Rugs for days out with your equine friends. Coolers are ideal for your horse following exercise on cold nights to wick away sweat.

  • 9455 Tempest Original Waffle Rug

  • Bridleway Flawless Horse Hood

  • Bridleway Fleece Rug

  • Bridleway Quilted Rug

  • Tempest Original Fleece Rug – 9450

  • Bridleway Combo Fleece Rug

    Bridleway Combo Fleece Rug

    £19.99£32.95 Sale!
  • Bridleway Detachable Combo Horse Rug

  • Bridleway Fleece Rug

    Black/Grey Bridleway Fleece Rug

  • Waffle Cooler Sheet

    Bridleway Waffle Cooler Sheet