The best cooler rugs are typically multi-purpose. Their main purpose is to aid gradual cooling after exercise, but are often also used to maintain an ideal temperature while travelling and to speed drying and prevent chilling after bathing.

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What exactly is a Cooler?

A Cooler is an essential piece of equipment for your horse's wardrobe. It's highly absorbent and will keep your horse warm and comfortable after especially strenuous, sweaty workouts. They are designed to wick away any moisture on the skin's surface, leaving the coat dry and preventing your horse from getting a chill.

This versatile rug, which can be used all year, must fit snugly around your horse's midsection in order to do the job it was designed to do.

When do I need to use a Cooler?

Most riders use Coolers in the summer, after a bath or exercise, when their horse may need some assistance drying off. Coolers are frequently used to transport horses in order to keep them cool. A fleece cooler, on the other hand, can be used in cooler temperatures after a long, hard hack to keep your horse warm and sweat-free.

What types of Coolers are available?

Coolers are classified into several types. So, in order to choose the best one, you should learn a little bit about each of them.

Mesh Cooler

This is a tightly woven mesh fabric cooler. These absorbent coolers' construction allows them to wick moisture away from the skin much faster, absorbing sweat or water from a bath into the fabric and efficiently dispersing it over a larger area to reduce drying time. A Mesh Cooler appears to be a bit pricey at first glance, but the fibres used to make these high-quality coolers are resistant to clogging with hair, dirt, and debris, allowing them to stay clean and functional for much longer than other horse coolers.

Some Mesh Coolers have a fleece section down the back, with mesh panels in the lower section of the rug. This keeps the back and loins warm while allowing moisture to be wicked away from the chest and flanks. These are ideal for particularly cold spring and autumn temperatures.

Scrim Cooler

A type of Mesh Cooler that has both solid and mesh panels. This is an excellent choice for keeping your horse clean and cool at the ring.

A basic fleece cooler is the most cost-effective option. It quickly wicks moisture away from the skin and is made entirely of a soft fleece fabric. These coolers come in a stunning range of colours for when you want your horse or pony to look his best at the ringside. Look for a Fleece Cooler with a decorative, braided tail cord for a little extra “WOW” factor.

Because these Coolers are typically used in cooler temperatures, some designs include a full cover, with a neck cover that extends beyond the neck and over the poll.

Show Cooler

A Show Cooler is, as the name implies, a cooler for use at shows. These are frequently more ornately decorated than their functional counterparts.

What kind of Cooler should I use?

The type of cooler you need to use is determined in part by personal preference, as well as the needs of your horse.

What other characteristics do Coolers have?

Coolers don't require many fancy features, so the list is fairly simple: a single surcingle chest front closure, a hidden adjustable belly surcingle, a fleece wither pad, and a fillet string.

Whatever the size of your equine companion, or whether you ride him at a fancy show or just around the field, we have a Cooler to suit your needs.