Thoroughbred Shavings

Every type of horse bedding to suit your stabled horses and ponies perfectly. Offers include Straw, Wood Shavings, Wood Chip, highly absorbent Wood Pellets, Wheat Pellets and more.

We have horse stable equine bedding ideal for horses with respiratory problems, bed-eaters, and for horse owners looking for a more manageable bedding product system. Do you need something more comfortable for your horse? Need dust-free? No problem. Need a bedding that is easy to muck out or just something more cost-effective? No problem.

You can order single bags/bales or request a pallet delivery direct to your stable for convenience, saving you time and money.

  • Swish Lemon Fresh Rape Straw Bedding

    Swish Lemon Fresh Rape Straw Bedding

  • Swish Rape Straw Bedding | swish rape straw bedding

    Swish Rape Straw Bedding

  • Handy Size Barley Straw Bale

    Fleet Farm Handy Size Barley Straw Bale

  • Premium Crushed Wheat Pellet Bedding

    Premium Crushed Wheat Pellet Bedding


Horse bedding is an important part of horse care because it provides a pleasant and clean environment for your horse to rest and sleep in. At Fleet Equestrian, we provide a variety of horse bedding items to meet the needs of every horse and owner, including Natural Straw, Rape Straw, Thoroughbred Shavings, and Bedmax Shavings.

Natural Straw bedding is constructed entirely of natural barley straw and is a popular choice for horse bedding due to its absorbency, dust-free nature, and biodegradability. It is also inexpensive and easy to locate. Rape straw is similar to natural straw, but it is manufactured from a different plant and is thought to be more absorbent and last longer.

Thoroughbred Shavings are a high-end form of horse bedding manufactured from softwood that is recognised for being extremely absorbent and dust-free. It is suitable for all sorts of horses and is biodegradable.

Bedmax Shavings are a luxury sort of horse bedding that is created from 100% softwood and is renowned to be exceptionally absorbent and dust-free, as well as biodegradable. The shavings are produced using a unique technique that guarantees they are clean and devoid of dirt.

We realise the significance of providing a pleasant and clean area for your horse to relax and sleep at Fleet Equestrian. As a result, we provide a broad variety of horse bedding materials, including Natural Straw, Rape Straw, Thoroughbred Shavings, and Bedmax shavings. Customers around the United Kingdom may benefit from our high-quality items thanks to our large stock and next-day shipping service.