Quick Fit Over Reach Boots

Over Reach Boots for horses in stock at Fleet Equestrian. Over Reach Boots are used to prevent injury to a horse’s front heels. We have a huge range of styles, sizes and colours always in stock ready for next-day delivery.


A wide range of Over Reach Boots for Horses here at Fleet Equestrian

Our stock includes Over Reach Boots from both Bridleway Equestrian and Shires Equestrian. All sizes and colours are available for next day delivery.

What Are Over Reach Boots?

Over Reach Boots are used to protect the sensitive heels of a horse's front hooves. Young horses that are not too steady with their balance, or horses with long strides can easily kick their hind legs against their front hooves, leading to injury and expensive farrier and vet visits. A shod horse can cause itself even more damage or even kick off front shoes. Over Reach Boots, when correctly fitted, can help to prevent damage and the loss of shoes.

What Are Over Reach Boots Made Of?

Over Reach Boots can be made of leather, nylon, neoprene, synthetic leather or rubber. Upper edges can be lined with sheepskin or synthetic fur to prevent discomfort and chafing.

How Are Over Reach Boots Attached?

It is very important that Over Reach Boots are fitted correctly. Too tight and they will cause chafing, too loose and they will affect the horse's movement. The most popular fitting method is a velcro fastener which can be adjusted easily.

Horses are beautiful and strong creatures, but they are also prone to injuries, particularly in their legs. Horse owners and carers frequently use over reach boots to protect their legs from damage. These boots are particularly designed to protect the horse's heels and heel bulbs from overexertion and interference when working, training, or competing.

One of the primary advantages of overreach boots is their capacity to protect the horse's heels and heel bulbs from overreaching and interference. These boots are placed on the horse's front foot and extend over the heel area to prevent the horse from overreaching and striking the heel area with their rear hooves. This can help to avoid injuries like bruises and cuts, as well as more serious problems like deep digital flexor tendinitis.

Another advantage of over reach boots is that they support and stabilise the horse's legs. These boots can assist horses improve their balance and stability, especially while doing high-impact exercises like leaping or galloping. They can also aid to avoid injuries and strains by supporting the horse's tendons and ligaments.

Over reach boots can also boost a horse's performance. They can assist horses' mobility and flexibility, helping them to perform at their best during training and competition. Furthermore, the usage of over reach boots can aid to increase the horse's blood circulation, reducing muscular discomfort and weariness.

When selecting over reach boots for your horse, keep the sort of activities, the horse's size and form, and the materials they are constructed of in mind. It's also critical to correctly fit them and inspect them on a regular basis for signs of wear or damage.