Travel Boots

Horses are beautiful and strong creatures, but they are also prone to injuries, particularly in their legs. Horse owners and carers frequently wear horse boots to protect their legs from damage. These boots serve to maintain the horse’s tendons, ligaments, and fetlocks safe and healthy by providing support, protection, and comfort.


One of the primary advantages of horse boots is that they protect the horse's legs from impact and abrasion. These boots are intended to absorb impact shock, lowering the risk of harm to the horse's tendons and ligaments. They can also aid with the protection of the horse's legs from scratches and scrapes that may arise during training or competition.

Another advantage of horse boots is their capacity to support and stabilise the horse's legs. These boots can assist horses improve their balance and stability, especially while doing high-impact exercises like leaping or galloping. They can also aid to avoid injuries and strains by supporting the horse's tendons and ligaments.

Horse boots can also aid in the improvement of the horse's performance. They can assist horses' mobility and flexibility, helping them to perform at their best during training and competition. Furthermore, the usage of horse boots can aid in the improvement of the horse's blood circulation, which can aid in the reduction of muscular pain and weariness.

When selecting horse boots for your horse, keep in mind the sort of activities, the horse's size and form, and the materials used to make them. It's also critical to correctly fit them and inspect them on a regular basis for signs of wear or damage.