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As we care pasionately for the health of your horse, we stock and supply a range of bandages to protect your horse’s legs during exercise, competition or travel.

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Horses are strong and athletic creatures, but they are also prone to injuries, particularly in their legs. Horse owners and carers frequently use bandages to protect their horses' legs during exercise, competition, and travel. These bandages serve to maintain the horse's tendons, ligaments, and fetlocks safe and healthy by providing support, compression, and protection.

One of the most important advantages of bandages is their capacity to support and compress the horse's legs. This can help lessen the risk of damage, particularly during high-impact activity like jumping or galloping. Bandages can also assist minimise swelling in the horse's legs and increase blood circulation, which can help lessen muscular stiffness and weariness.

Another advantage of bandages is that they protect the horse's legs from contact and abrasion. These wraps can operate as a shield between the horse's legs and the surroundings, preventing scratches and scrapes. They can also aid to keep the horse's legs from being too hot or cold, especially when travelling.

Bandages can also be used to aid in the healing of injuries. They can be used to support and compress the horse's legs as they recuperate from an injury, preventing further harm and promoting recovery.

When selecting bandages for your horse, it is critical to examine the type of exercise, the horse's size and form, and the materials utilised. It's also critical to correctly fit them and inspect them on a regular basis for signs of wear or damage.

Finally, bandages are an important tool for horse owners and carers because they provide support, compression, and protection to the horse's legs during training, competition, and travel. They can assist to minimise injury risk, increase blood circulation, and protect the horse's legs from contact and abrasion. To protect your horse's safety and well-being, it's critical to select the right sort of bandages and apply them correctly. Bandages can assist to protect and keep your horse's legs healthy, resulting in enhanced performance and longevity in their sporting career.