Shires Neoprene Brushing Boots

Brushing Boots protect the horse’s hind legs from impact against the front legs. Fleet Equestrian have a wide range of brushing boots in stock for next-day delivery, including hard and soft styles.

Horses are beautiful and strong creatures, but they are also prone to injuries, particularly in their legs. Brushing boots are one of the most important instruments that horse owners and carers use to protect their horses' legs from injury, particularly during training and competition. These boots protect and support the horse's tendons, ligaments, and fetlocks, keeping them safe and healthy.

Brushing boots provide the added benefit of protecting the horse's legs from hits and brushes. These boots are intended to absorb impact shock, lowering the risk of harm to the horse's tendons and ligaments. They can also protect the horse's legs from brushing and scraping during training or competition.

Another advantage of brushing boots is their capacity to support and stabilise the horse's legs. These boots can assist horses improve their balance and stability, especially while doing high-impact exercises like leaping or galloping. They can also aid to avoid injuries and strains by supporting the horse's tendons and ligaments.

Brushing the horse's boots might also help him perform better. They can assist horses' mobility and flexibility, helping them to perform at their best during training and competition. Brushing boots can also aid to promote blood circulation in the horse, which can help to prevent muscular discomfort and weariness.

When selecting brushing boots for your horse, keep the type of activities, the horse's size and form, and the materials they are constructed of in mind. It's also critical to correctly fit them and inspect them on a regular basis for signs of wear or damage.

Finally, brushing boots are an important tool for horse owners and carers because they provide support and protection for the horse's legs during training and competition. They can protect the horse's legs from hits and brushes, give support and stability, and boost performance. It is essential to select the suitable brushing boots for your horse and to use them correctly to protect your horse's safety and well-being. Brushing boots can assist to protect and keep your horse's legs healthy, resulting in enhanced performance and longevity in their athletic career.