Every type of horse bedding to suit your horse or pony perfectly. Offers include Straw, Wood Shavings, Wood Chip, Wood Pellets, Wheat Pellets and more.

We have horse stable bedding ideal for horses with respiratory issues, bed-eaters and for owners looking for a more manageable bedding system.

You can order single bags/bales or request a pallet delivery direct to your stable for convenience and cost-savings.

  • Fleet Farm Chopped Rape Straw

    Fleet Farm™ Chopped Rape Straw

  • Hemp Shiv Shavings

  • Swish Lemon Fresh Rape Straw Bedding

  • Swish Rape Straw Bedding

  • Horse Bedding Thoroughbred

    Thoroughbred Shavings

  • Strohfelder Platinum Original – 100% Wheat Straw Premium Bedding – 400% Moisture

  • Bedmax Shavings

    Bedmax Shavings 20kg

  • Bedmax Littlemax

    Bedmax Littlemax 20kg

  • Barley Straw Bale

    Barley Straw Bale

  • Premium Crushed Wheat Pellet Bedding

    Premium Crushed Wheat Pellet Bedding

  • Rape Straw Pet Bedding

    Fleet Farm™ Rape Straw Pet Bedding


Mare with newborn foal on straw bedding

Do you go for a traditional straw bed or something more manageable, hygenic and less wasteful? Our range of premium horse bedding solutions can save you money in the long-run over straw bales!

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