WrightpakWrightpak Haylage

Here at Wrightpak, we share your passion in equine health and nutrition, and as a family business, we take pride to bring you high-quality equestrian haylage.

Wrightpak is a tasty quality forage, horses and ponies love. Harvested from specialised dietary grasses born from experience to maintain horses nutrition.

In addition to our original Premium Rye Grass, we offer Timothy Haylage and an Everyday Value Haylage. Our customers enjoy additional variants, which gives a greater choice for your horse’s dietary needs.

Excellent nutrition helps maintain body condition, provides sustenance for growth and energy for work or exercise.

Every stage of the process from seed to harvest is on our farm and managed by our valued team. We continue with the integrity of the product packing on the farm further ensuring quality and freshness.

Enjoy our Nutritional, Tasty, Dust Free Forage, for Horses and Ponies.

  • Wrightpak Everyday Value Haylage - wrightpak everyday value haylage

    Wrightpak Everyday Value Haylage

  • Wrightpak Premium Rye Grass - wrightpak premium rye grass

    Wrightpak Premium Rye Grass