Friendship Estates

Friendship Estates Horse Feeds

Friendship Estates is a family-run farming and feed manufacturing business based in Stubbs Walden, near Doncaster, at the southern tip of North Yorkshire.

Well-known horse feeds include ReadiGrass and the MolliChaff range.

We have deliveries every week and can always order larger quantities and specialist products as you need them.

Collect In-Store or Nationwide Next-Day Delivery

Collect Horse Feeds from our Animal Feed Warehouse here in Fleetwood or order online for next working day delivery.

  • Mollichaff Herbal with Garlic | mollichaff herbal with garlic

    Mollichaff Herbal with Garlic

  • Mollichaff AppleChaff 12.5kg | mollichaff applechaff 125kg

    Mollichaff AppleChaff 12.5kg

  • Mollichaff HoofKind 12.5kg | mollichaff hoofkind 125kg

    Mollichaff HoofKind 12.5kg

  • Readigrass