Brogini SIZE Guides

At Fleet Equestrian we stock a huge range of popular Brogini footwear and accessories.

Here we provide a one-stop source of size fitting guides.


Tall Riding Boots

Brogini Tall Boots come in a range of sizes, heights, and widths. The size guide below provides a handy conversion of EU to UK sizes. Brogini advise that most of their boots are true to sizes, however their Italian made boots run slightly larger in the foot, so take this into consideration if you are between sizes. Step 1 – select your standard shoe size. Step 2 – stand upright and measure the widest part of your calf (please ensure you have normal riding clothes on) and remember to measure both calf muscles as measurements may differ on each leg. Step 3 – stand upright with a slight bend in the knee with flat feet to the floor and measure from the bottom of your heel to the crease of you knee. If you are in between sizes remember that with wear leather will naturally drop around 2cm. 

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Tall Boots Size Chart
Boot Size UK / EUCalf WidthHeight
3.5 / 3629cm30cm33cm35cm38cm39cm41cm44cm
4.5 / 3730cm32cm34cm36cm39cm40cm42cm45cm
5 / 3831cm33cm35cm37cm40cm41cm43cm46cm
6 / 3932cm34cm36cm38cm41cm42cm44cm47cm
6.5 / 4033cm35cm37cm39cm41cm43cm45cm48cm
7.5 / 4134cm36cm38cm40cm41cm44cm46cm49cm
8 / 4235cm37cm39cm41cm42cm44cm47cm50cm
9 / 4336cm38cm40cm42cm43cm45cm48cm51cm
9.5 / 4437cm39cm41cm43cmX45cm49cm52cm
10.5 / 4538cm40cm42cm44cmX46cm50cm53cm
11 / 4639cm41cm43cm45cmX46cm51cm54cm

Modena Synthetic Riding Boots

The Brogini Modena Synthetic Riding Boots come in standard sizing, take a look at the table below to ensure that you choose the correct size. 

Modena Synthetic Riding Boots Size Chart
Boot Size UK / EUCalf WidthHeight 
 Wide (W)Extra Wide (XW)Short
3.5 / 3635cm38cm39cm
4.5 / 3736cm39cm40cm
5 / 3837cm40cm41cm
6 / 3938cm41cm42cm
6.5 / 4039cm41cm43cm
7.5 / 4140cm41cm44cm
8 / 4241cm42cm44cm
9 / 4342cm43cm45cm

Short Riding Boots

The Brogini Short Riding Boots come in standard UK and EU show sizing. Use the table below to convert your size. 

Short Riding Boots Size Chart

Vicenza Leather Chaps

The Brogini Vicenza Leather Chaps come in a range of sizes, use the table below to ensure that you pick the correct size.

Vicenza Leather Chaps Size Chart
Adults SizeHeight Width 
Small/Regluar38cm32 – 35cm
Small/Tall43cm32 – 35cm
Medium/Regular38cm35 – 38cm
Medium/Tall43cm35 – 38cm
Large/Regular41cm38 – 42cm
Large/Tall43cm38 – 42cm
Extra Large/Regular40cm41-44cm

Kendal Sub-Zero Tall Boots

The Brogini Sub-Zero Tall Boots come in standard sizing, use the table below to make sure you choose the right size. 

Kendal Sub-Zero Tall Boots Size Chart
Boot Size UK / EUCalf WidthHeight
3.5 / 3636 – 37cm39cm
4.5 / 3737 – 38cm40cm
5 / 3838 – 39.5cm41cm
6 / 3940 – 41cm42cm
6.5 / 4041 – 42cm42cm
7.5 / 4142 – 43.5cm43.5cm
8 / 4243.5 – 44.5cm44.5cm

Montagne Fur Lined Boots

Shop the Brogini Montagne Fur Lined Boots to choose your size. 

Montagne Fur Lined Boots Size Chart
Boot Size UK / EUCalf WidthHeight
3.5 / 3635cm41cm
4.5 / 3736cm42cm
5 / 3837cm43cm
6 / 3938cm44cm
6.5 / 4039cm45cm
7.5 / 4140cm46cm
8 / 4241cm47cm

Children’s Short Riding Boots

Brogini Children’s Short Boots are available in a range of sizes, take a look at the table below to ensure you choose the correct size for your child.

Children’s Short Riding Boots Size Chart
Child’s 928
Child’s 1029
Child’s 1130
Child’s 1231
Child’s 1332
Child’s 133
Child’s 1.534
Child’s 235

Children’s Chaps And Gaiters

The Brogini Children’s Chaps and Gaiters come in a range of sizes, use the table below to ensure you choose the right pair for your child.

Children’s Chaps And Gaiters Size Chart
Size (Age)Height Width 
6 Years27cm21cm
8 Years30cm23cm
10 Years32cm25cm
12 Years35cm28cm

Children’s Long Riding Boots

The Brogini Children’s Long Riding Boots  are available in a range of sizes with different widths available, use the table below to choose a size for your child. 

Children’s Long Riding Boots Size Chart
Boot Size UK / EURegular CalfWide Calf
12 / 3125cm30cm
13 / 3226cm31cm
1 / 3327cm32cm
1.5 / 3428cm33cm
2.5 / 3529cm35cm32cm35cm
3.5 / 3630cm37cm32cm36cm
4.5 / 3730cm40cm33cm38cm
5 / 3831cm41cm33cm40.5cm